Thursday, February 26, 2009

TripChill's FlightOptions iPhone Application

The FlightOptions iPhone application by TripChill is now available in the Apple App Store.

1 out of 4 flights get delayed or cancelled – don’t be a victim! Arm yourself with flight scheduling options using TripChill’s FlightOptions application. Getting out of a meeting early? Use this application to quickly see what your options are to flying home earlier and then call your travel or airline agent to reschedule.

FlightOptions offers a unique and powerful graphical view of flights for any day that you specify.

Features include:

* View the best flight options between 2 airports with a graphical display
* Tap a flight to get details such as flight number, departure/arrival times, airport codes, flight duration, and number of stops
* Optionally input your existing flight number to compare other flights relative to your scheduled time
* View flight options on other airlines
* View both direct flights (green items) and connecting flights (tan items) to your destination.
* The connecting flights to your final destination that are viable based on the selected originating flight are highlighted.
* View flight schedule options for up to a year in the future.