Wednesday, August 12, 2009

TripChill Expands Itinerary Management With Support for New Travel Types

The TripChill Mobile Travel Assistant now supports many new travel item types in addition to the existing support for air, car and hotel. These new types include rail, cruise, shuttles, meetings, restaurant reservations, bus transportation, and more. TripChill users can even add their own travel types.

This enhancement to the popular mobile travel service allows for the addition of custom fields to include important itinerary information such as reservation numbers, ticket prices, contact information, and any other details that road warriors want accessible from their mobile device while traveling.

According to President Alex Shore, "In addition to TripChill's real-time flight tracking and automated itinerary monitoring services, the mobile travel service now allows travelers and their office administrators to track many new travel types to itineraries from the TripChill website or the iPhone web interface. Travelers can now organize, view and share their complete travel schedule, including trip details that happen before a flight departure and during the stay at a destination. For example, travelers can include information about their limo reservation and ground shuttle before their originating flight, and they can add meeting, restaurant, and entertainment details that take place during their trip."