Monday, October 19, 2009

The TripChill Mobile Travel Assistant Releases Android Support and Offline Itinerary Viewing

We have recently updated the TripChill Mobile Travel Assistant service to offer a feature-rich web browser experience for all Android smartphones, including but not limited to the new HTC Hero.  This unique web interface gives travelers using Android phones the ability to completely manage their TripChill itineraries while on the road.  Travelers simply navigate to from their phone, and they are automatically redirected to the Android specific web interface to create an account and to view and edit their travel itinerary information.

We have also released offline itinerary viewing for both Android and iPhone travelers.  This new feature lets the traveler view their itinerary information when the phone is out of range or disconnected (Airplane mode) from their cell service provider, thus keeping the traveler’s vital itinerary information at their fingertips at all times.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Using the TripChill iCal feed on an iPhone - get real-time travel changes automatically updated to your device calendar

The iPhone OS 3.0 makes it very easy to subscribe to external calendar feeds, such as the TripChill feed for viewing your travel information on your device calendar.  Our feed includes all of your itinerary information such as flight, hotel, car, rail, limo, etc.  You can configure your calendar information to get updated in real-time when a change occurs with your travel itinerary, such as a flight delay.

First go into TripChill Account Settings and click on the Sharing tab, and then click on the iCal button to copy your personal iCal URL.

Paste this URL into an email and send it to yourself so that it loads into your iPhone email inbox.  Click on the URL from your iPhone and choose to Subscribe to the feed:

The calendar feed will get registered by your phone after a few seconds:

You'll then have multiple calendars active within your calendar application.  You can choose to view your standard PC calendars or your TripChill calendar or both: