Friday, January 16, 2009

The TripChill iPhone experience is here!

We have received many inquiries about the availability of the iPhone application in the Apple App Store. We are still waiting for the application to be approved, but since we have had so many travelers asking about the application, we decided to start selling the TripChill iPhone interface directly from our website.

For the introductory rate of $5.99, you can now purchase the iPhone Interface here. After making this purchase you will not need to buy the application from the App Store, since they both do the same thing of unlocking our iPhone specific website.

TripChill is the only true mobile travel assistant for the iPhone. It intelligently monitors your travel itineraries and provides smart notifications when issues arise. TripChill lets you easily view alternate flight information and it will proactively prompt you to book a hotel or car from your iPhone if it detects that you are in jeopardy of being stranded at an airport.

TripChill's iPhone mobile web dashboard displays your current travel situation with access to all the details about each travel leg, including confirmation numbers, clickable phone numbers, driving directions integrated with Google Maps, weather, and much more. You can easily create and edit your travel itineraries and manage your friend notifications all from within the TripChill iPhone web application.

iPhone Marketing Hotel Menu Dashboard

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Web Innovators Group Demo Video

Here is the video for our demonstration of the TripChill iPhone application on December 9, 2008. Thanks to Permission TV for producing this.