Sunday, September 28, 2008

TripChill Mobile Travel Assistant update

The TripChill website has been recently updated. We continue to rapidly expand our international support, including the recent addition of hundreds of new airlines and airports into the TripChill system. The service now supports international weather, and you can now add notes to any of the reservations in your itinerary for printing and for viewing on your mobile device.

As always, you should send your email reservations into so that they are automatically imported into TripChill, and the service can begin monitoring your itinerary for flight changes and potential issues.

When you need to add flights into TripChill directly from the website, we made it much faster and easier by indexing tens of millions of flights from around the world and allowing you to click your flight immediately after you enter the flight number.

TripChill Flight Selection
We made it easy to notify your friends, family and colleagues about your travel status. You are prompted to notify your friends when you create a new itinerary, and you can easily import contact information from your external address books.

TripChill Notify a Friend Flight Changes
The mobile interface ( now has a navigation header bar and many display enhancements.

TripChill Mobile Itinerary

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